It is often said that the “controllers” need to inform us of their intentions before acting them out, through predictive programming, such as the numerous scenes in so many movies, where clocks displayed the numbers 9:11 and in the films, “Escape from New York,” which even had a scene where Air Force One crashed into a building adjacent to the WTC – and then, there was the cover of the rap album which was a virtual mock-up of the televised scenes, seen around the world.

The hidden history is unveiled via far-out tabloids and the Alternative Media thereby, the Revelation of the Method is accomplished: You’ve been “pwned” (to use the gamer slang term for “owned”).

Downard was highly aware that by exposing the Revelation of the Method, he was probably serving the final dictum in the controllers’ alchemical formula, whose ultimate message is: “Resistance is futile.”


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The term, “The Revelation of the Method” was coined by the late James Shelby Downard, to explain the alchemical processing of a society by its Luciferian controllers.

False flag operations, assassinations and other hair-raising conspiracies, like the Interventionalist “Endless Wars,” “Color Revolutions,” decapitations, (as we have seen by “our” very own ISIS), which actually refer to an ancient and secret astronomical deity cult – and every manner of orchestrated horror show are neatly packaged into your nightly news, programming you to accept these things as “the way things are.”

Political activities, which at first remain buried beneath a cloak of secrecy (think TPP) and when finally accomplished and secured are slowly revealed to the unsuspecting populace who watch, in horrified helplessness.

What is Revelation of the Method?