Welcome to the Conspiracy Network. For awhile now it's bothered me that you can go to popular news websites for articles and the news articles don't have The basics of a news story. The basics of a news story include Who, What, where, when , why and how. The Five W's and H. Why can't we have all the information?

As you are probably aware; people everywhere have encountered some pretty bizarre stuff lately. Topics all over the board... many of which are political or have political ties or inferences . From Covid-19 to Vaccine mandates to the efficiency of vaccines, The Great Reset, Ivermectin, Egg shortage and Food Manufacturing plant fires and many many more topics. There is one thing that has remained a constant with all these stories... pretty much no matter the topic. 1. The Main Stream Media (MSM) ignores what would have at any other point in my life been a very "Big Story" or News "Bombshell" and these MSM sources ignore the stories as if they are insignificant. 2. The 2nd and obvious correlation is the level of corruption which has infiltrated our government and many of our US government agencies. It also appears the problem is global corruption including other governments as well. These 2 conclusions help me see a lot of things I wouldn't see Had I not reached those conclusions. These are also 2 of the biggest conclusions that some people have trouble grasping.

An example of the MSM ignoring a huge story would be the Project Veritas Video recently released of the Research and development Director Jordan Walker who was on a date and said that Pfizer was mutating the virus to be able to predict what it might do. He called the process "directed evolution". In any normal world this would be a huge news story. It still was a big story on Twitter and several other sites. The fact that local TV or major networks ignored this are very telling. We all know they were paid huge sums for advertising and pushed the vaccine. Now the topic seems to be off limits. Tucker Carlson on Fox did a 20 minute story on this. Edited to 15minutes on Covid-19 page. (see menu above)

It doesn't resonate well with me that journalist wouldn't try to expose the corruption involved by big pharma. Don't these people have kids that have to grow up and live in our country? Aren't they worried about long term affects of rampant corruption in government and big pharma. Same goes for anyone in the alphabet agencies. These people need to stand up and take control. We are at a crucial period of time in our countries history and global history as well.

I grew up in the Midwest. I am what many would call a good ole Kansas boy. When I was very young I was a cub scout....then later a boy scout. The thing I remember most is learning the job of the federal government is to protect the borders of our country and it's citizens. I see an epic failure occurring right before my very eyes. Just yesterday the "alleged" China balloon flew right across the USA. The federal gov't didn't seem too concerned about it. Speaking of borders...A friend told me about the Cloward Piven Strategy years ago. A strategy foreign governments might use to overwhelm our social services including health care and other public services like border patrol or police forces. On some levels I think that is happening now. I mention this because it could be used as a contributing factor or excuse for the Great Reset. When they mandated the vaccine for all health workers and military it made me very suspicious.

Some things just aren't conspiracies anymore. The Great reset is a prime example of this. We've seen a coordinated effort on the part of Elite members of parliament in the UK and King Charles Himself saying along with Klaus Schwab that now is the perfect time for the Great Reset. The book the Great Reset by Klaus Schwab is also an eye opener. The World Economic Forum along with their written detailed business plan surrounding Covid-19 which was presented shortly after Covid-19 surfaced was also big clue this whole thing was planned.

My commitment to help other people find the truth has brought me to this point. I am a concerned US Citizen and Hold sacred our many freedoms. Being censored isn't something I thought I would ever see in America but it's happening on major social media forums and it's absolutely ridiculous. Especially when the "truth czars" want to call it "misinformation". Remind you history buffs of anything?

Of course we don't want rumors or falsehoods involved in any of the information we provide or links we share and will do our best to avoid these. Obviously we have limited control over what others posts on their websites. We can't control other posts or their opinions and that's ok....that's what America is about. At this time we don't have a forum for comments but you are always welcome to contact us. If you want to submit an article or link or share your comments please contact us. I may post relevant comments from time to time and please include your permission to post if you submit. Please refer to our terms and conditions and disclaimer for more information.

Some people don't want to know the truth.....are scared of the truth and prefer to be in denial of the truth. Some have cognitive dissonance no matter what you show them or tell them. The information can't be processed.

The site will be evolving over the next year or so and It will be changing often and adding more and more information so please do check back often. If you have a desire to advertise or promote your products we welcome that as well. Our store is coming soon so please check that out. Ultimately we would like to help facilitate and help develop an information network on various topics and expand the community of truth seekers and bring more people closer to the truth. Only You can decide what the truth is for you. Gods truth will be the same for everyone. Thanks for being here.

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